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Imagine paying for college

by drinking great coffee!





The story of Sacred Grounds Coffee

and its founders’ vision of supporting Christian higher education,

Christian healthcare, and Christian day school education

began on the campus of a Christian liberal arts university

nestled in the small Midwest town of Spring Arbor, Michigan.


Like so many Christian colleges and universities,

Spring Arbor University faces the challenge

of providing exceptional Biblically focused liberal arts education

without compromising its historic Christian identity

or making its programs financially inaccessible

for many prospective students and their families.


For many students, the cost of a private college education

forces them to become indebted to

the federal government through student loan programs,

which not only creates a burden for students and their families,

but also requires the university to adhere to rules and regulations

enforced by government bureaucracies who do not share

the school’s Christian beliefs and values.


One way to escape government intrusion upon

the university’s Christian mission and values

is for the university to control a large enough endowment to provide additional,

regular support for operations without being forced

to consistently raise the cost of tuition, room and board, and other fees for students.


The financial challenges facing Christian higher education

are similar to those experienced by churches,

Christian healthcare organizations, and Christian K-12 day schools.

Consequently, Sacred Grounds Coffee came into existence specifically

to provide a way to turn a consumable product (coffee)

into an economic vehicle that generously supports

Christian college students, their schools,

Christian healthcare, Christian K-12 schools,

and other Christian nonprofits

that faithfully serve communities throughout the United States.  


In light of this, the founders of Sacred Grounds Coffee created

the company to simultaneously deliver exceptionally good coffee products

and generously support Christian ministries with 100% of its net profit.

This is accomplished through Sacred Grounds Connect,

the affinity app where participants can direct net profit from their purchases

to a particular student, school, or nonprofit

- for God's glory and the flourishing of His people.

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